Friday, April 13, 2018

REVIEW : Imperium --- “Beyond the stars” (AOR Heaven, 2018)

Now this is a release that I was looking forward to listening to! IMPERIUM, the project of Mika Brushane, is back in business with album number two. "Beyond The Stars" is entitled the band's brand new opus and it's once again a great sample of pure melodic rock bliss. At this point I have to say that the debut, "Dreamhunter”, which was released back in 2016 was a damn fine record that can't be missed by any fan of the melodic rock community.

This time Mike Brushane take things to a higher level, in my humble opinion, and he delivers a platter that is among the best of this year's releases so far. In "Beyond The Stars", we, also, find the 'mighty' Dennis Ward of Pink Cream 69 as a guest vocalist in one song (the self-titled). The other members that consists of IMPERIUM are Markku Kuikka, Antti Railio and Rob Lundgren on Lead & backing vocals, Erkka Korhonen, Samuli Federley and Toni Huovinen on guitars and Susanna Eronen and Sini Heinilä on backing vocals. Mike besides the music and the lyrics he, also, plays drums, vst-bass, keyboards and do some backing vocals as well.

The opener tune of "Beyond The Stars" (feat. Dennis Ward) is pure gold! Excellent, ultra-catchy and up-tempo melodic rock stuff in the vain of Khymera's works. "Crash And Burn", "Learning How To Fly" and "Spread Your Wings" are all three great samples of Euro melodic rock/AOR at it highest order. All three songs include memorable choruses, sharp guitars, melodies to die for and great arrangements.

With "Back In '85", Mike Brushane and co travel us back in time when melodic rock and AOR ruled the airwaves!! This is a true gem of a song. Edgy, melodic and with the necessary mid 80's vibe in it that put a big smile in my face. Other highlights here are the anthemic "King Of The World", the melodic and emotional "Just A Dream" and "Higher".

For each n' every fan of the melodic rock (edgy AOR) sound of the 80's, early 90's, IMPERIUM's newest album "Beyond The Stars" is the perfect purchase for you!!! Highly recommended!! One of 2018's top releases so far.

Rating : 9/10

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