Sunday, March 11, 2018

REVIEW : FM --- Atomic Generation (Frontiers Music s.r.l., March 2018)

One of the most beloved AOR bands out there is without any doubt FM. Since their debut album, "Indiscreet" back in 1986, FM has always released high-quality and extremely melodic records. To name a few (and, of course, all are my personal favorites), "Tough It Out", "Aphrodesiac" and the more recent "Metropolis" and "Rockville" are all great samples of an amazing band.

"Atomic Generation" is the band's eleventh official release, through Frontiers Music s.r.l., that will see the light of day on March 30th this year.

The new album kicks-off with the punchier "Black Magic". This is a great, edgy and hands in the air  melodic rock anthem that the sure thing is that will be a future classic and one of these songs that are made for big arenas. "Too Much Of A Good Thing", "Killed By Love" and the groovier "In It For The Money" are all three classic FM songs full of the band's earlier trademarks. And that's are big melodies, big groove and, of course, excellent vocals by the one and only Mr. Steve Overland.

"Golden Days" is one of these tunes that made FM famous. A melodic rock gem that includes some beautiful harmonies, a strong melodic line to die for, harmonic guitars and a chorus to sing-a-long for days. The bluesier "Playing Tricks On Me" is yet another highlight while with "Make The Best Of What You Got" (reminds a bit of Bryan Adams) , the edgier "Follow Your Heart" and the ballad of "Love Is The Law" FM delivering the goods.

FM with their brand new "Atomic Generation" continue their legacy and deliver strong, passionate and high-quality melodic rock stuff in a way that they know best.

Rating : 9/10

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