Monday, February 26, 2018

REVIEW : Universe Infinity --- Rock Is Alive (Pride & Joy Music, April 2018)

The story of a band called Universe started back in 1982, in Sweden, when melodic hard rock ruled the streets and air waves. Universe was a band that consisted of members of different local groups. After the necessary line-up adds, they played diligently for a couple of years all over Sweden, opening for Nazareth, among many other gigs. In 1985, the band released its self-titled debut album with songs like "Rollin’ On", "Stories from the Old Days", and "Strong Vibrations".

But, as so many bands back then, Universe decided to split-up in 1988 and each member took separate ways. In 2002, all the members met up together for the first time in 14 years. They immediately knew that they wanted to play again, and were convinced that the old material still had potential.

The first thing that Universe changed was the singer. They found the right guy in the face of Andreas Eklund (ex-House Of Shakira) and the second thing was to change the name of the band to Universe Infinity. The result of all the above mentioned things is a brand new record with the title "Rock Is Alive" .

My first impressions after listening to "Rock Is Alive" is that we are dealing with an excellent album that is filled-up with the glory sound of the mid-80's melodic hard rock scene. Yes, "Rock Is Alive" is that good!! Bands such as Europe, Whitesnake, Y.J. Malmsteen, Snakes In Paradise and Treat are some of the influences that someone can hear in this amazing album. As you can all assume here we are talking about a melodic hard rock opus that features great harmonies, big melodies, edgy guitars, powerful vocals and an overall 'punchier' sound that grabbed me at once!

The first couple of songs that opens "Rock Is Alive", 'Start Give All Your Love' and 'Catch Of My Life', are some of the best melodic hard rock stuff you will hear this year ( far). Punchy hard rock with melodies to die for and choruses to sing-a-long!! The musicianship is tight and Eklund's vocals are top notch. Do you want more? Then check out also the Whitesnake-esque "Company's Coming", the heavier "Red Submarines", the anthemic "Rock Is Alive" and "We Were Just Dancing" turn on the volume and enjoy this gem of an album!!!

ROCK IS ALIVE!!!! Thumbs up for Universe Infinity and their breathtaking new record that shows the way and shouts loud that ROCK IS ALIVE!!!!

Rating : 9,6/10

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