Sunday, February 25, 2018

REVIEW : Bob Katsionis --- Prognosis & Synopsis (2018)

The name of Bob Katsionis is well-known among the fans of today's melodic metal/hard rock scene. This multi-talented and gifted musician has already a solid career with Firewind as well as with the melodic hard rock band of Outloud.

He has, also, collaborated with the Epic power metal band of Kamelot and Epica and he has given his 'helping hand' in a numerous bands/projects. With his latest solo work "Prognosis & Synopsis" Bob Katsionis offers an incredible instrumental album full of emotions, passion and inspiration. After the very first spin, I have to admit that "Prognosis & Synopsis" left me speechless.

"Prognosis & Synopsis" is not another solo and instrumental record with tons of shredding and soloing that makes you wanna push the forward button. No way!! It's an album with a variety of influences (from Jean Michel Jarre and Yanni to Dream Theater ) and generally is an opus that travels you with each listening.

It's really difficult to pick up a song as a favorite 'cause each and every single track is simply amazing, but, if I had to pick, those would be Asymmetric Parallels, Prognosis, Aegean Sunset, Cold Embrace and Amnesia. At this point, I have to add that Katsionis plays all the instruments here and he is, also, responsible for the production.

I think that "Prognosis & Synopsis" is one of the best albums that I've heard this year so far. It's an instrumental album that speaks right into your heart immediately and leaves a sweet taste in your ears. It's an album that you 'll fall in love with at the first listening!!!! Excellent!!!! 

Rating : 9/10

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