Tuesday, January 30, 2018

REVIEW : Felskinn --- Mind Over Matter (2018, Rock Of Angles Records)

Felskinn is a new hard rock band from Switzerland that consists of Andy Portmann on lead vocals (Krokus, Ain’t Dead Yet, Meyer/Portmann) Cyril Montavon on guitars (Maxxwell) Hef Häfliger on guitars (Maxxwell) Beat Schaub on bass (Live/Wire) and Flavio Mezzodi on drums (Krokus) and "Mind Over Matter" is entitled its debut record through Rock Of Angels Records.

"Mind Over Matter" includes, also some guests such as Mike Terrana, Mandy Meyer & Jgor Gianola and was mixed and mastered by the mighty Jacob Hansen (VOLBEAT, PRIMAL FEAR, PRETTY MAIDS).

As you can all assume judging by the musical background of the musicians, Felskinn plays traditional Euro hard n' heavy with emphasis on heavy guitars, thunderous drumming and powerful performances. Imagine something between heavier Gotthard, Shakra and, of course, Krokus and you'll get the picture. 

The first couple of songs in this debut (Close Your Eyes, Pictures In My Dreams) are showing exactly how Felskinn sounds; powerful with a dynamic rhythm section, sharp guitars and a 'true' classic n' in-your-face heavy rock sound! "The Night Before The Dawn" includes a groovier n' moodier sound in it while in "Our Favorite Game" we are dealing with a killer track. More melody, more passion and overall a more commercial sound that makes it one of the best tunes out of this debut. The fast-paced and heavier "Bastards Out" is perfect for headbanging and the ultra-catchy (just listen to the chorus) "Rain Will Fall" is among my personal favorites here.

Felskinn with their debut album (Mind Over Matter) keep the flag of Euro melodic hard rock/metal sound high and leave a big promise for bigger things in the future to come. A truly great debut album that it is a must have for every fan of early Gotthard, Shakra and Krokus. 

Rating : 8,5/10  

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