Tuesday, December 5, 2017

REVIEW : Kickin Valentina --- Imaginary Creatures (2017)

Kickin Valentina plays energetic, up-lifting and in-your-face rock 'n' roll and "Imaginary Creatures" is entitled their newest effort. The well-known producer/engineer Andy Reilly (Bruce Dickinson, UFO, Asia, The Quireboys) helped them, once again, with "Imaginary Creatures" and the sure thing is that the result will please each and one of you that loves rock 'n' roll with tons of attitude.
The new album kicks-off with "Eyes"!!! Man, I just love this one; I love the attitude, the hooks, the powerful rhythm section and the sleaze guitars here. These guys took the best from the golden late 80's Hair Metal/Sleaze Metal era and created a huge track. In songs such as "Turn Me On", "Devil's Hand" and "Eat N' Run" you feel the big and bad-ass groove in your bones.

The semi-power ballad of "Crazy" is crazy!!! It's one of these kinda of tunes that we used to listen to back then with bands such as Skid Row, Motley Crue, L.A. Guns and Bon Jovi and we still love to listen to. Powerful, emotional and with this bad attitude included this song is my personal favorite out of "Imaginary Creatures".   

"Streets" will rock your shocks off and the old-school "Heartbreak" will kick some major asses. This new effort, also features, a really interesting and cool cover of Elvis classic tune of "Burning Love".  

Kickin Valentina with their brand new opus comes to rock our world!! A damn fine slice of pure late 80's Hair Metal/Sleaze Hard Rock stuff that includes rockin' as hell tunes, bad attitude and a groove enough to tear your house down!!!!

Rating : 9/10 

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