Thursday, November 2, 2017

REVIEW : SWEET & LYNCH -- Unified (2017, Frontiers Music s.r.l.)

SWEET & LYNCH is the super-group that consists of Lynch Mob's and Dokken's axeman George Lynch and Stryper's lead shouter Michael Sweet. On one hand, George Lynch was, and still is, an inspiration for every guitar lover out there. His riffs and solos are out of this world and with his work with both Lynch Mob and Dokken are a trademark of a golden era.

On the other hand, we have Michael Sweet. With his main band, Stryper, the term of Christian Metal took flesh and blood. Stryper is an already classic Christian Metal band and especially its earlier works are all gems in my book.

These two great musicians joined forces back in 2015 and released a solid debut, "Only To Rise", that gained a very positive feedback from both fans and critics. Nowadays, these two legendary musicians are back with album number two entitled "Unified". Except Lynch and Sweet, we, also, have two more great players on board; bassist James Lomenzo (ex MEGADETH, WHITE LION, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY) and drummer Brian Tichy (The Dead Daisies, ex-WHITESNAKE).

The album kicks-off with the simply breathtaking tune of "Promised Land". This track includes a strong dose from Lynch and Sweet's main bands (Stryper, Dokken, Lynch Mob) plus a more updated and in-your-face approach and there you have the first highlight of the new record. "Walk" is a very interesting tune; groovier with some 'funkier' elements here and there this song grows on you with each listen. "With "Afterlife" the duo of Lynch and Sweet delivers a heavier, 'darker' and moodier heavy track while in "Make Your Mark" we have another solid hard rock track.

It's time for a slower moment now; "Tried And True" is a kinda of ballad, a kinda of mid-tempo that features Sweet's amazing and soulful vocals in front row. The self-titled track "Unified" is  a good one and more modern. I just love the mid-tempo rocker of "Bridge Of Broken Lies". A track that includes strong arrangements, Sweet's amazing vocal lines, Lynch's excellent guitars and a moodier vibe in it that takes the final result into a higher level. Brilliant just brilliant!!!! 

"Unified" is an album that doesn't disappoint. It's a classy record with a strong dose of the late 80's hard rock scene but with a more modern and updated approach that 'hits the bulls eye' for the fans of both Stryper and Lynch Mob works. The voice of Michael Sweet is on top form and Mr. Scary delivers an excellent, as always, guitar work. As for the rhythm section, it is, also, tight and the final result is solid!

Rating : 8/10 

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