Saturday, October 28, 2017

REVIEW : WILDHEART --- Wildheart (2017, City Of Lights Records)

It seems like we have another winner here and, for sure, another highlight of 2017! But let's take things from the start. Widheart is a Belgian hard rock act that tries to reveal the sound of bands such as Skid Row, Motley Crue, Ratt and, in general, the sound of the mid/late 80's.

Attitude, screaming and razor guitars, in-your-face vocals and catchiness at its glory. Yes, Wildheart is that good!! And don't get me wrong here; Wildheart with their debut they don't discover America, that's sure, but the final result is candy in my ears and I'm damn sure that it's pure Hair Metal/Hard Rock for every fan of this particular sound.

"On The Run", the opener, is what I mentioned above; catchy, heavy and pure mid 80's track that grabs you at once and leaves you hungry for more. "Never Let Go", "On My Way", "Stone Cold Fox" and "Get Up (Fight Back)" are all solid samples of Wildheart's music. Simple and with attitude that would make Motley Crue very proud all the above mentioned tracks are delightful and must be played on a maximum volume.

One of my favorite songs form this debut is "Beautiful Regret". This one includes an amazing and haunting melody in it and in some parts remind me a bit of White Lion's earlier works. Love this one!! Check out, also, the ass-kicking and fast-paced tune of "Lovehunter".

As I said above, Wildheart with their debut record comes out of nowhere to offer us another highlight for this year and, for sure, a great sample of pure late 80's Hair Metal album full of attitude. 

Rating : 8/10

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