Sunday, October 22, 2017

REVIEW : Marc Vanderberg --- `Highway Demon` (2017)

Marc Vanderberg is a German songwriter and guitarist and "Highway Demon" is entitled his brand new and first full-length, record. Vanderberg in this album shows off his great abilities not only as a guitarist but, also, as a songwriter. His main influences are bands from the mid 80's such as John Norum, Yngwie Malmsteen, Axel Rudi Pell and M. Schenker to name a few.

The opening tune of "Highway Demon" is a fast-paced heavy rocker with the necessary metallic edge in it and, of course, Marc's excellent shredding including. For sure, a nice opener and an appetizer of what's coming-up next.

"Blue Eyes" is just excellent, imho. More hard rocking with more attitude and more groove in it this one is the first highlight of this new record. With the epic and neo-classical tune of "The Last Battle" Marc shows off his Malmsteen influences while in "How Do You Feel" we have the first ballad of "Highway Demon".  "How Do You Feel" is a typical 80's power ballad that includes an overall moodier feeling in and a superb guitar work. Love it!

"You're Like Poison" is yet another killer hard rock song, catchier and up-tempo, and with "When I Turn The Key" the pedal is on the metal with this powerful and in-your-face metal anthem.

Marc Vanderberg with his first full-length record achieves to captivate the sound of the mid 80's and bands such as Y.J.Malmsteen, Axel Rudi Pell and Scorpions, with a more fresh approach. His guitar skills are shining in all over the album and the songwriting is really solid. A very enjoyable record from start to finish and a must have for every fan of the above mentioned bands. 

Rating : 8/10

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