Thursday, August 24, 2017

REVIEW : Radioux City - Soul Survivor (2017)

Gary Brandon (one of the co-founders of White Sister) after his departure of White Sister decided to make his next step. Radioux City was this next step. In 1988, the first batch of demos were recorded. It was slow progress over the next three years creating the lineup of musicians and forming the structure of Radioux City.

But unfortunately, 'cause of the so-called Grunge revolution back then, Radioux City didn't achieve to make a career although they had the whole package. Nowadays and thanks to AOR BLVD Records, we have this solid album in our hands (complete with new artwork and lyric booklet and remastered to capture the retro sound).

The sound of Radioux City is basically U.S. Hard Rock with a strong dose of funk metal (think early Extreme) and some bluesier pinches as well. To be honest I have never heard the name of the band till now and judging by the first spin I have to say that I liked it a lot. For a an 80's fan like me it sounds like a candy to my ear!!!

There are many killer songs here that will put a smile upon the face of every late 80's freak out there like the huge opener "Scratch The Itch", the funkier "Soul Survivor", "Funky Music", the huge "Looking" or the groovier "Show Me The Way" and in general it's a record that will be appreciated by any fan of this sound.

Rating : 8/10

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