Thursday, August 24, 2017

REVIEW : Debbie Ray -- Slave To The System (2017)

It all started back in 2005 when Debbie Ray was born and since then and after several gigs and recordings the debut album, with the title "Artificial Misery" (2009), was a fact. In 2012, and after some line-up changes, a new three EP was released.

But 'cause of some situations, the band decided to take a break. 2014 and the time has come for this band to open a new chapter in its book. It started the recordings of some new material and in 2016 it signed a record deal with METALAPOLIS RECORDS for the release of its new highly anticipated opus "Slave To The System".

The opening tune "American Nightmare" is just awesome! Very 80's hard rock stuff, powerful and with a modern approach that takes no prisoners. The first sample of Debbie Ray is very positive!!! "Slave To The System" and the band sounds heavier, ballsier and with tons of attitude!! I really like the big sound here and, of course, the attitude.

"Too Late To Pray" sounds like it jumped out from Bonfire's first two albums and with "Made To Cry" we are dealing with a killer tune. A moodier rocker that includes a monstrous chorus line and an amazing guitar work that leaves you speechless!!! "Sorry" is build-up for big arenas, the modern "Promises" is a rather average and in "Find Myself" we have another ass-kickin heavy rock dynamite.

After the first couple of spins of Debbie Ray's newest album, I have to say that I enjoyed it a lot. Powerful, melodic and with a bad-ass attitude heavy rock stuff that will make your day!

Rating : 8/10

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