Thursday, August 3, 2017

REVIEW : Newman -- Aerial (2017, AOR Heaven)

Steve Newman back in 1997 formed the band NEWMAN and since then he has released many high-quality melodic rock albums and gained popularity among the fans of this particular sound. Nowadays, NEWMAN strikes back with a brand new record with the title "Aerial".

Once again Steve Newman has teamed up with Rob McEwen (drummer for the last nine Newman albums) but, also, with his long time friend Mark Thompson-Smith who's lending his vocals to "Fear Of Flying" and " Two Sides". The mastering was handled of by Harry Hess (Harem Scarem) at H Bomb Mastering.

The edgy rocker of "Fear Of Flying" kicks-off the new album while with "Don't Wake The Lion" includes again a cool heavy riffing and a memorable chorus line. With "Life To Remember" we are dealing with a killer melodic rock song; up-tempo with a monstrous chorus line "Life To Remember" is among my favorites out of this new opus.

"High Tonight" is a very good rocker with a nice groove in it and "Vertigo" is pure melodic rock bliss!! I just love "Vertigo"! I liked a lot the more straight forward rocker of "I'm Your Man" and the AOR-ish "Always Strangers" with it's superb arrangements and its ultra-catchy chorus line. "Nothing Left" is simply breathtaking!! A song that made push the repeat button again and again!

With NEWMAN you know what to expect; high-quality and edgy melodic rock stuff with superb performances, strong arrangements and memorable hooks and choruses to sing-a-long. Well done!

Rating : 8,8/10

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