Monday, August 14, 2017

REVIEW : HELL IN THE CLUB --- See You On The Dark Side (2017, Frontiers Music s.r.l.)

I like this band a lot! With their debut album, "Let The Games Begin", back in 2011, the boys offered a solid record full of memorable hooks and choruses, heavy riffing, powerful vocals and a bad-ass late 80's attitude. But with the next two records, "Devil On My Shoulder" and "Shadow Of The Monster" Hell In The Club nailed it!!!!

Both albums were heavier, sleazier and louder!!! Nowadays, these Italians are back with album number four. "See You On The Dark Side" is entitled Hell In The Club's newest work and if you already love their previous recordings, then you'll love this one too!!!

The first two tracks of the new opus, "We Are On Fire" and "The Phantom Punch", are f$#king amazing! Powerful with loud and in-your face choruses and some serious and ass-kickin' guitars that makes you scream for more!! The U.S. flavored "Little Toy Soldier" reminded me a bit of Every Mother's Nightmare earlier works to be honest while in "I Wanna Swing Like Peter Parker" 😈 the boys deliver a hell of a song; a jazzy and up-tempo with lots of fun heavy rock anthem!!!

"A Melody, A Memory" rocks good with its more modern sound and in "Showtime" the boys bring back, again, the L.A. scene of the late 80's with style!!!!! The party continues with the fistful and super-catchy tune of "The Misfits" (listen to it on maximum volume), the heavier "Bite Of The Tongue" and the last "A Crowded Room" which is simply KILLER!!!!

Hell In The Club with their brand new "See You On The Dark Side" releases a killer record, period!!! No fillers, just pure and in-your-face heavy rock 'n' roll anthems with tons of attitude that will make you scream for more!!!!

Rating : 9,5/10

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