Friday, August 4, 2017

REVIEW : Eden’s Curse - Revisited (2017)

It's been already ten years since the release of the great melodic metal/hard rock debut album of Eden's Curse. For sure time flies! To celebrate the tenth anniversary, AFM Records and EDEN’S CURSE hatched a plan to re-record the classic debut album in its entirety.

"The first album really was the foundation for all that was to follow. Ever since Nikola joined the band we have been inundated with requests to re-record some of the older material and whilst it would be great fun, it would also be the same amount of work as recording a brand new album......It's turned out really well and given the older songs that little bit of freshness..." says bassist Paul Logue.

This new edition includes, also, the 'Live In Glasgow - Official Bootleg DVD' which is the 'Live With The Curse' live album recording show in its entirety. Filmed at The Classic Grand in Glasgow on 28th November 2014, the release marks the band’s first official live DVD release, albeit in a bootleg form.

I love the debut album of Eden's Curse at the beginning and I have to say, that I love this new one too! Nikola Mijic has a strong voice that fits perfectly with Eden's Curse sound. That's a fact! All the songs here are pure melodic metal/hard rock bliss. Imagine something between early Dokken and Queensrÿche with a strong dose of Euro melodic hard rock and you have the picture of Eden's Curse.

"Judgement Day", the anthemic and very 80's "Eyes Of The World", "After The Love Is Gone", the huge "Fly Away" and the epic "Heaven Touch Me"  are all classic in my book! Of course there's no filler in sight! The band achieved to give an extra fresh and updated approach without loosing any of its early magic.

One of the best debuts ever from a great band! A classic album that every serious melodic metal fan should own. So what are you waitin' for? Go out and grab your copy NOW! 

Rating : 10/10

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