Saturday, August 12, 2017

REVIEW : COLDSPELL -- A New World Arise (2017)

Coldspell is back!!! It's been already four years since the release of the band's "Frozen Paradise" record. So, the waiting is finally over and Coldspell is back in business with a brand new opus, "A New World Arise", that the sure thing is that will put a big smile upon the face of every serious melodic hard rock/metal fan out there.

Since its creation (2005), Coldspell released three solid albums, participated in many festivals (Hard Rock Hell (UK), Väsby Rock Festival (SE) and many others) and toured in many countries around the world. The gained popularity with their solid melodic hard rock/metal sound and their top-class songwriting and it's about time to make some noise again with this new effort.

The album was recorded at various studios throughout Sweden and once again was mixed by the mighty Tommy Hansen (Pretty Maids, Helloween, Jorn e.t.c.).

Coldspell consists of Perra Johansson (Drums), Michael Larsson (Guitars), Chris Goldsmith (Bass) and  Niclas Swedentorp (Vocals).

"A New World Arise" kicks-off impressively with the melodic metal anthem of "Forevermore". A bombastic tune that includes some heavy riffing (thanks to Larsson's amazing guitar lines), excellent performances and a catchy chorus line. Coldspell is back stronger than ever!! "Call Of The Wild" is a typical Coldspell song; hard hitting, melodic and pure Scandi melodic hard rock paradise. "It Hurts" is simply a killer one! Powerful with a tasty chorus line this one grabs you at once and leaves you hungry for more!

"Miles Away" it's just pure melodic hard rock bliss while the groovier "This Is Me" is yet another solid track out of this new opus. I really like the combination of the heaviness and groove here. I like a lot the straight forward and very 80's "Get To The Top" and "Just One Night" with its anthemic chorus line.

Big groove, fantastic guitar lines, solid performances, well-written songs, a tight as hell musicianship and a bunch of some excellent and killer tunes in it are the ingredients of the new Coldspell record "A New World Arise"!! These guys are back with a fantastic album all the way!!! Well done!!!

Rating : 9/10

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