Sunday, July 30, 2017

REVIEW : KRYPTONITE --- Kryptonite (2017)

Frontiers Records keep on surprising us with yet another new project. This time the name of the new project is Kryptonite. The band consists of a bunch of some very talented musicians such as Jakob Samuel on vocals (The Poodles), the extremely talented guitarist Michael Palace (who released a monstrous record last year), Pontus Egberg (The Poodles, Treat) and Robban B├Ąck (Eclipse).

The production is handled by the 'mighty' Alessandro Del Vecchio who, once again, delivers an excellent job.

The opening tune of "Chasing Fire" is just excellent; pure and in-your-face hard rock stuff that reminds The Poodles ('cause of Samuel's vocals) very much. The chorus line is big and catchy and the guitars of Palace are the cherry on top!! "This Is The Moment" is another great track out of this debut. Extremely melodic that features some really amazing and passionate performances this tune is probably one of the best here.

With "Fallen Angels" Kryptonite delivers another gem, another highlight! More straight forward and with a slight more commercial sound "Fallen Angels" is in one word; HUGE! The moodier and kinda cinematic "Across The Water" is very interesting while in "Knowing Both Of Us" we are dealing with a such a beautiful and very emotional ballad.

The heavier and fast-paced "Get Out Be Gone" shines here with its up-beat tempo and "Better Than Yesterday" sounds like it jumped out from The Poodles last record.

The fans of The Poodles will adore this album, no doubt 'bout that! But, also, the fans of the melodic hard rock scene in general will find a record that includes all the package (performances, guitars, strong rhythm section, hooks and choruses) to become a future classic! Buy or die!!!

Rating : 9/10

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