Tuesday, July 4, 2017

REVIEW : AFFÄIRE -- Neon Gods (EP, 2017)

AFFÄIRE were formed back in 2011. Their first single, “Born Too Late”, was released the same year and the following years the band toured as support act for Paul Di Anno (UK) and House Of Lords (USA).

The band’s debut full-length "At First Sight" was released worldwide by US based Demon Doll Records in September 2015. The album achieved to gain very positive reviews, from both fans and music press.

Nowadays, the band strikes back with its brand new EP album with the title "Neon Gods".

The opening tune of "Neon Gods" is just pure and with tons of attitude, sleaze hair metal stuff that will make each and every fan of this particular scene extremely happy. It's a song that reminded me a bit of Motley Crue's earlier works (and that's a thing that I like a lot). "All Messed Up" rocks good with a Sunset Blvd vibe in it while in "Shotgun Marriage" we are dealing with a more straight forward heavy rocker. A track that includes a more Swedish-esque hair metal influences.

I like the heavier tune of "The Hitcher" but I would expect a bigger chorus line here. The track that closes this EP, "I Saw Her Standing There", is probably the best tune here. Up-beat with a rhythm that you can feel it in your bones and with a killer chorus line this one grabs you at once!!! Love it, just love it!!!

Affaire is band that has the attitude, the right 'image', a couple of killer tunes and the late 80's vibe. I'm waiting bigger things from them in the near future!!! Well done!!!

Rating : 8/10

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