Saturday, June 24, 2017

REVIEW : SHAPE OF THE NEW SUN -- Dying Embers (2017)

Shape Of The New Sun is a new melodic heavy rock band from Sweden and "Dying Embers" is entitled their debut album. The band was formed back in 2014 by four talented musicians from the small town of Skara in Sweden. The first single "Something Beautiful / Babylon" was released in February 2016.

So, the question is what to expect from S.O.T.N.S. 's debut; the answer is simple like that. Well-played and classic heavy rock stuff with lots of attitude, groove and melodies.

"Babylon" is the first sample that I've listened to from these Swedes and I have to say that is a solid one. Heavy, but still melodic, riffs with a classic hard rock vibe in it and a nice groove that grabbed my attention at once. "The Pain" is an overall good track while "Worth Dying For" is a darker, with some progressive 'pinches', and a kinda more technical song. "Divine" rocks good and "Don't Let It Fall" is yet another very interesting tune out of this debut. It's again a moodier song that features some groovier and rocking guitars that makes it a highlight out of "Dying Embers".  In "Majestic" the band delivers a great melodic, and more commercial, rock track with a killer chorus line. I just love this one!!

Sometimes dark, sometimes moodier and sometimes alternative (but with a strong dose of melody) Shape Of The New Sun stays true to their roots of the classic heavy rock sound and at the end delivers a great record that every rock fan, in general, should check out. 

Rating : 7,5/10

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