Tuesday, June 13, 2017

REVIEW : Freight Train -- I (2017)

Freight Train is an Italian melodic hard rock band that was formed in 2015 and with their debut album, entitled "I", wants to be heard among the fans of this scene. In 2015, the band released a cover version of the song “Any Way You Want It” (Journey) that grabbed the attention of the melodic rock/AOR fans on Youtube and gave an unexpected exposure.

After the short intro of "The Beginning", it comes the first sample of Freight Train's music. "You Won't Fall" is a really nice and 'punchy' melodic rock track that features a solid riff, plenty of keys, good performances, a catchy chorus line and the necessary late 80's vibe in it that makes it extremely attractive for every melodic rock freak out there.

With "Into The Fire", we have a more straight forward rocker, edgier and, in my opinion, one of the best tracks out of this debut. The band's Journey-influences are stronger in "Another Chance" while with the next song, "Here I Am" (that includes a great solo), Freight Train is movin' to some more U.S. flavored paths. "Reach For The Stars" is yet another cool and up-tempo melodic hard rock song that features a catchy as hell chorus line to sing-a-long. The album, also, includes the amazing cover of Journey's classic tune "Anyway You Want It". I have to admit that Freight Train delivers an excellent cover of one my all time favorite tracks!! Well done!!

All in all, this is a solid debut record that includes a great musicianship, a bunch of some killer tunes in it, strong performances and it leaves a big hope for the future to come for even bigger things from Freight Train. 


Rating : 7,5/10

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