Friday, June 16, 2017

REVIEW : CREYE -- Straight To The Top (EP, 2017)

Remember the name of CREYE!!! This new Swedish sensational melodic rock band is here to fill our world with melodies to die for, hooks an' choruses to die for and an excellent musicianship! Fronted by the amazing voice of Alexander Strandell (Diamond Dawn, Art Nation), Creye is pure gold.

Their music is movin' somewhere between H.E.A.T., Diamond Dawn and Art Nation and that means that is a must have for each and every single fan of the above mentioned bands.

Even thought this EP is way too short, IT will leave satisfied and hungry for more all the melodic rock/AOR freaks out there. The first song and the first single, "Straight To The Top" is what I call melodic rock paradise! Everything is just perfect in this little gem. The next one with the title "Never Too Late" is yet another killer and more straight forward, AOR diamond with plenty of keys to die for, melodious guitars and Strandell's amazing vocal lines. This EP, also, features a fantastic cover of Robert Tepper's smash hit (originally written for the Rocky IV movie) "No Easy Way Out". Brilliant stuff!!

This is just pure melodic rock/AOR bliss that can't be missed by any fan out there of this particular scene. I'm really looking forward to CREYE's debut album!!! We need more music like this!!!! Buy or die!!!

Rating : 10/10

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