Sunday, June 18, 2017

REVIEW : ALL 4 1 -- World’s Best Hope (2017)

The new project/band of Frontiers Records is called ALL 4 1 and consists of Terry Brock on lead vocals (Giant, Strangeways), Robert Berry (Three, Alliance) on bass and vocals, Gary Pihl (Boston, Sammy Hagar, Alliance) on guitar and Matt Starr (Ace Frehley, Mr Big) on drums. The 'mighty' Alessandro Del Vecchio is responsible for the production of this album.

Judging only by this really impressive line-up the sound of ALL 4 1 is movin' to the classic AOR paths of bands such as Strangeways, Alliance and some edgier Mr. Big. Terry Brock is a fabulous singer, no doubt 'bout that, and together with so talented musicians creates a solid record that will be appreciated by any fan of the classic melodic rock scene.

The opening tune of "After The Rain" is just great melodic rock at its best. The Strangeways 'ghost' is all over the song and we have the first highlight of this debut. "Cyanide" is edgier with a killer chorus line and the classic AOR "Down Life's Pages" it sounds like it jumped out straight from the early 80's scene. "Show Me The Way" rocks good while in "Walk Alone" the band delivers another great sample of pure 80's melodic rock stuff. The acoustic "Don't Surrender (To Love)" is good and it includes some excellent and very down-to-earth vocals by Brock. The up-tempo and edgier (the Mr.Big influences here are obvious) "Never Back Down Again" is just awesome!!

ALL 4 1 is not another project of Frontiers Records, it's (hopefully) a real band that keep the early 80's melodic rock/AOR spirit alive with its passion and inspiration. Well done!

Rating : 8/10

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