Monday, May 29, 2017

REVIEW : DEGREED -- Degreed (2017)

Degreed is a band that is synonymous with the new generation of modern melodic rock. I simply love this band and each and every record from Degreed is pure candy in my ears. After the pretty solid "Dead But Not Forgotten" album, which received some great feedback from both fans and press, it's time for a new record simply entitled "Degreed".

The new opus continues exactly where the last album left; pure modern melodic rock at its best! Melodies to die for, choruses to sing-a-long for days, strong performances and a 'balls to the walls' production that makes the final result extremely attractive from start to finish.

The first sample of Degreed's newest work is the huge single of "Shakedown". A 100% Degreed song that makes you wanna listen to it again and again. It includes a massive chorus line that you fall in love at first and a great melody to die for. Just awesome! Next, "Save Me" is yet another killer song out of the new record. Up-lifting and in-your-face with this pop-ish elements in it "Save Me" is among my personal faves.

"Tomorrow" is pure melodic rock bliss. Melodic as it gets with a commercial approach this track is build up to be a big hit!! "If Love Is A Game" is the first ballad of this amazing album. A great piano-driven slow tune filled in with emotional vocals and a haunting melody in it. In "WAR", the band delivers a punchy, to be honest the heaviest track here, rocker while the pop-ish mid-tempo "Lay Me Down" took me by surprise with its solid arrangements and its brilliant guitar solo. Excellent stuff!!

I just love this band, period! Degreed is one of these modern melodic acts that surprises with each and every release. A feel-good, up-tempo, super catchy and in-your-face record that can easily put Degreed among the elite of this scene. 

Rating : 9,5/10

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