Saturday, March 11, 2017

REVIEW : Badass -- More Pain, More Gain (2017)

BADASS is a new melodic metal band that consists of singer Titta Tani (Takayoshi Ohmura, ex DGM, CS's Goblin), Alberto Rigoni (solo artist, Vivaldi Metal Project, TwinSpirits) on bass, guitarist Alessio "Lex" Tricarico (HorsePowerOverload, Four Roxx Down) and amazingly talented drummer Denis "Denzy" Novello.

"More Pain, More Gain" is entitled Badass' debut record and, as you can all assume, it's about an bad-ass record that includes attitude, powerful vocals, a strong rhythm section and massive guitar riffs enough to kick you butt!

After a small but intense intro comes the real thing; "More Pain, More Gain" is the opening track for this new metal act that grabs you immediately with its big groove, the aggressive vocals and its killer heavy bass line. "Royal Chains" and "Strong And United" are both solid metal tracks with nice arrangements, powerful vocals and very good guitar work. In "What We Need", the band 'speeds up' a bit the tempo and delivers a hell of a metal song with tons of attitude. Listening to "One More Night", I have to say that Badass have done a very good job. More melody, more technical and moodier "One More Night" is probably the best tune here! Love it!

A strong and full of attitude metal record that must be checked out by fans that like their metal groovier and aggressive.

Rating : 7/10

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