Friday, February 17, 2017

REVIEW : ROSCO'S RIOT -- "Crazy & Wild" (2016)

The fact is that recently I discovered more and more interesting bands from the rock scene in general. My new discovery is a band from Belfast, Northern Island which is called Rosco's Riot. "Crazy And Wild" was the band's debut record that was released last year and it's about a well-crafted album with a bunch of some killer tunes in it.

Heavy rock 'n' roll with attitude, screaming guitars, a tight as hell rhythm section and, as I already mentioned above, some killer tracks are the ingredients of this solid debut.

My first impression after listening to "Done Deal" was speechless; very professional work in this really amazing and in-your-face rocker! I love it!! "Crazy And Wild" continues in the same vain and once again delivers a great riffing, powerful vocal lines and a more U.S. flavored sound. "Begging For More" is a fast-paced and totally in-your-face hard rock dynamite with a strong bass line, a big groove and, once again, great guitar licks!!! With "Girl" Rosco's Riot slow the tempo and deliver a very good acoustic and bluesier song. "Tainted Soul" and "Twisted Family" are both solid, heavier and punchier.

For sure Rosco's Riot is a band that knows how to deliver solid, powerful and in-your-face heavy rock. My advice is to go out and buy this really impressive album. Well done!!! 

Rating : 9/10

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