Friday, February 10, 2017

New music from SUPERCHARGER!

New single out NOW!
Supercharger releases 1st single “Rottenburg”
on February the 10th 2017
While we look forward to release the long-awaited 4th Supercharger album, the first single called “ROTTENBURG” hits the streets in February.
The idea dates back to a night some years ago, where the touring night liner cut it’s way through Germany from one venue to another. Bass player Karsten noticed a city sign: Rottenburg! The name expressed a dark place where U-turns are impossible and hangovers certain! Later in the studio the track almost wrote itself containing everything that Supercharger is known for but taking it a step further...

We also use this opportunity to present Linc Van Johnson on lead vocals replacing Mikkel who left the band in 2015. Linc has been a stand-in since then and has proved himself to be a fantastic singer and strong front man. And while the first single is now out for you to enjoy Supercharger is making the final touches on the upcoming album.
So be prepared to get supercharged in 2017!
Video to Rottenburg will be officialy released on the 3rd of March. 
But you can see it today on superchargers Facebook!
Listen to "Rottenburg"


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