Friday, December 30, 2016

REVIEW : PRIDE OF LIONS - Fearless (2017)

I think that the AOR mafia will be happy with the news of the new Pride Of Lions record. "Fearless" is entitled the fifth opus of Pride Of Lions. The winning team of the legendary Jim Peterik and Toby Hitchcock is back again to offer another strong sample of pure and up-tempo melodic rock/AOR bliss at its best!!!

We are always trying to top ourselves” states singer/ songwriter/ guitarist Jim Peterik. “This time I went back and listened closely to all the previous cds to hear the strongest assets of each record". I think that this phrase says it all about 'Fearless'. The new opus at its first spin sounds tight, bigger and more straight forward. The melody, the fantastic guitar lines and, of course, the solid performances by Hitchcock are the strongest points here.

The new album starts impressively with the up-tempo rocker "All I See Is You". A track that could easily appear in any earlier Survivor record that fills your soul with a positive vibe and makes you wanna turn the volume on 10!!!! The 'bluesier' AOR anthem of "The Tell" is very interesting while in the soulful "Silent Music" Pride Of Lions top themselves and delivers a great mid-tempo song!!!

In "Fearless", Pride Of Lions releases a monster track!! Catchier and edgy AOR stuff with a memorable chorus line to die for this one is simply killer!!!! The ballad "Everlasting Love" is overall a good slower track and "The Light In Your Eyes" is a typical Pride Of Lions melodic rock song. But with "Rising Up" the band puts more 'muscle' and delivers a 'heavier' melodic rock gem.

The lion roars again and this time stronger than ever!! Pride Of Lions is back with their best record to-date in my humble opinion. "Fearless" is an album that will make every single AOR fan out there very proud!!!

Rating : 9/10 

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