Saturday, December 3, 2016

REVIEW : ENBOUND / The Blackened Heart (2016)

Melodic metal act of ENBOUND is back with its brand new record with the title "The Blackened Heart". Having released already a debut, "And She Says Gold", back in 2011 Enbound strikes back with this new album and its ready for big things!!!

The band consists of Lee Hunter (Lars Safsund of Work Of Art) on vocals, Swede on bass, Marvin Flowberg on guitars and Mike Cameron Force on drums. The sound of Enbound is basically melodic metal with a strong emphasis on big and memorable melodies and includes clever hooks and choruses and a great musicianship. The whole album achieves to balance perfectly between modern melodic metal and hard rock with a big and loud as hell production that makes it a must have for the fans of this genre.

The album kicks-off with the awesome "Falling"!!! Melodic as it gets with a strong as a rock rhythm, some epic elements as well (thanx to Linnéa Wikström's (Kamelot, Therion) guest vocals) and a modern metal vibe in it that steals the show. "Give Me Light" is simply breathtaking; more up-tempo with some excellent synths and heavier guitars in it and a chorus line to die for!! Once again the vocals of Hunter are top notch!!! "Crossroad" is a more straight forward tune and reminds me a bit of Eclipse's latest works especially in the chorus. The same goes with "Get Ready For" which is simply killer commercial melodic hard rock stuff!!!

"Feel My Flame" is yet another highlight out of Enbound's new record. Edgy, passionate with a chorus line to sing-a-long for days this song set the nominee for one of the best songs of 2016!!! In "They Don't Really Know" the band offers a very good and emotional ballad while in "Make You So Unreal", Enbound nails it with another awesome melodic hard rock gem with a strong AOR-ish 'touch'!!!!

For sure, this is one of the best Melodic Metal/Hard Rock albums of 2016!!!!! Everything here is almost perfect and my question is :"Does it get better than this"?

Rating : 9,5/10

Track Listing :
01 - Falling
02 - Give Me Light
03 - Crossroad
04 - Get Ready For
05 - Feel My Flame
06 - Twelve
07 - Holy Grail
08 - HIO
09 - They Don't Really Know

10 - Make You so Unreal 

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