Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Southern Rockers rebelHot presents "Shake it" Videoclip

rebelHot are:

Husty – Vocals
Paul – Guitar
Ze – Bass
Frank – Drums

What people says:

Super super super! Great stuff. REAL rock. Congrats. That is what the world needs more of. Shake It!
John Custer - Grammy Award-nominated record producer (Cry of Love, DAG, Corrosion of Conformity) 

rebelHot means pure old style rock'n'roll...nothing more, nothing less. For once I worked on 70's rock songs that were really bare to the bone and not over produced! It's hard to find great 70's inspired stuff after Cry Of Love, Black Crowes and Badlands, but rebelHot will give you a great time!
Alessandro Del Vecchio – Singer, keyboardist, record producer (Glenn Hughes, Steve Lukather, Revolution Saints, Mother Road)

Fantastico! rebelHot sounds great and they got an amazing singer!
Jason Patterson -(Cry of Love, Corrison of Conformity)

Album tracklist:

1.   Shake it
2.   Free
3.   Holy is my beer
4.   Pray for the rain
5.   Everywhere you go
6.   Love
7.   Lucky
8.   Hands up
9.   Hot stuff
10.  rebelHot
11.  Pray for the rain (acoustic version ft. Jason Patterson)

rebelHot - "Shake it"  Official Videoclip OUT NOW!

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