Thursday, November 24, 2016

SNAKEWINE (Heavy Rock, Germany) | New Official Video for "Mean Machine"

Muscle-packed action, liters of hot sweat, crispy cheerleader girls and wonderfully hard Rock sound - all this can be seen in the new music video "Mean Machine" by SNAKEWINE.
The impressing casual HEAVY ROCK bunch around shouter Ronny had just as much fun as all the others involved in working with the Saalfeld, Germany based American Football Club, ‚Titans‘.

Their gasoline drenched mixture of booming heavy Rock, classic Hard Rock tunes and dirty Metal just breaks through with its overdose of honesty.
Formed in 2014, Thuringian leatherheads SNAKEWINE released its Rock’n’Roll infused debut album „Serpent Kings“ in late 2015.

Classic Boogie strokes and touching bluesy facets in the middle of a stormy guitar work enrich the whole thing with an pretty original interpretation.
Cross-references to established Rock acts such as The Carburetors, Peter Pan Speedrock, Chrome Division and Danko Jones, fitted with a thick pinch of old Motörhead, let the massive kicking street-sound of the East German gang go as lubricated.

The new video is available at the following links:

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