Tuesday, October 18, 2016

REVIEW : PRETTY MAIDS / Kingmaker (2016)

Pretty Maids is a band that needs no introductions. With albums such as "Future World", "Sin-Decade", "Scream", "Jump The Gun" and their newest masterpieces "Pandemonium" and "Motherland" we are talking about legends. With a great vocalist such as Ronnie Atkins and a guitarist like Ken Hammer, Pretty Maids is now ready to unleash its brand new album which is entitled "Kingmaker".

More or less, the new effort is movin' to the same paths of the band's previous two records. It's heavy, it's in-your-face, it's powerful and it's melodic as it gets with some excellent melodies to die for. Hammer delivers some really heavy riffs and Atkins' voice sounds great as always. The rest of the rhythm section, Rene Shades (bass) and Allan Tschicaja (drums) is tight as hell!!!

"Kingmaker" includes some excellent and powerful metal monsters such as the brilliant opener of "When God Took A Day Off", "Kingmaker", "Bull's Eye" and "Civilized Monsters" that all include heavy and screaming guitars, powerful vocals, choruses that stick into your mind forever and great arrangements. When it comes to some more melodic driven tunes, Pretty Maids are always delivering some stunning commercial tracks full of their well-known big melodic lines, huge harmonies and, of course, the choruses to sing-a-long. And what a better proof than the super catchy hymn of "Face The World". Yes, this is a kinda of song that you push the repeat button again and again!!! The 80's melodic hard rock gem of "Heavens Little Devil" is yet another killer song!!! I, also, loved a song called "Sickening" which is pure modern metal heaven!!

Pretty Maids nailed it again and released a monster of an album!! With this band is always guaranteed what to except; pure and top class melodic hard rock/metal stuff at its best!!!

Rating: 10/10

Track Listing :
When God Took A Day Off; King Maker; Face The World; Humanize Me; Last Beauty On Earth; Bull's Eye; King Of The Right Here And Now; Heavens Little Devil; Civilized Monsters; Sickening; Was That What You Wanted; King Maker (Extended Version) (Digital Bonus Track).


  1. So true. Pretty Maids are pure world class.

  2. So true. Pretty Maids are pure and 100% world calss.

  3. Can´t wait to hear the whole album! And to see them i Stockholm November 26st!

    // Å