Monday, September 12, 2016

REVIEW : Niva / Atmospherical (2016)

One of Heavy Paradise's favorite bands is without any doubt NIVA. Tony Niva (Lion's Share) is back with a brand record with the title "Atmospherical". For me, Niva is one of today's best shouter out there with a vocal range that covers from AOR to Melodic Metal and"Magnitude", that was released in 2014. was and still is a damn fine piece of Melodic Hard Rock heaven and it's among my personal favorite albums over the last decade.

So, what to expect from "Atmospherical"? The answer is simple; a pure melodic hard rock record with a heavier approach and, most of all, amazing performances from Tony Niva. Yep, the new album is much heavier, almost melodic metal and includes some killer tunes in it. I think that Niva's decision to follow a heavier approach is wise and will gain more fans.

Niva with "Dressed To Kill" delivers a superb melodic hard rock tune and probably one of the best tracks in his career. Catchy as hell with a heavy riff and his high pitched vocals in front row!!! Excellent!!! In "Deja Vu", we have another winner; a fantastic tune that reminds me a bit of TNT's latest works with Tony Harnell. The more AOR-ish "Forbidden Lover" and the commercial and up-tempo "I'm On A Roll" are two more great samples of NIVA's sound. Catchy, up-tempo with some killer guitar lines and of course with great performances.

"Evil Rose" is one of this song that catch your attention at once. The hook and the chorus are hilariously catchy and stick into your mind for days. The beautiful and very AOR-ish "Mountain" is one of my personal favorites while "Play Our Songs" is a true melodic hard rock/metal dynamite!!!  

This is a true gem of an album!!!! No fillers just pure melodic hard rock/metal bliss that grabs you at once and leaves you hungry for more. Superb songs, killer guitars and great you need more?

Rating : 10/10

Track Listing :
01 Dressed To Kill, 02 Déjà vu, 03 Spirit of the night, 04 Forbidden Lover, 05 I'm On A Roll, 06 Evil Rose, 07 Raise Your Voice, 08 The Mountain, 09 Play Our Songs, 10 Wall Of Bricks

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