Sunday, September 11, 2016

REVIEW : Dog’n’Style / Pub’s Calling (2016)

Dog N' Style is a high-energetic, ass-kickin' heavy rock band that its mission is to deliver bad-ass rock 'n' roll to the people. With more than one hundred gigs over the last three years, Dog N' Style is now ready to unleash its debut and thunderous Rock'N'Roll dynamite that is called "Pub's Calling".

With a big and 'fat' sound filled with a bad-ass groove in it, heavy, but still melodic, guitars and in-your-face vocals, Dog N' Style's music is gonna grab you at once and will impress you. It mixes perfectly the hard rock sound of the late 80's with a more updated and modern melodic metal sound (think earlier Nickelback) that makes the final result extremely interesting.

With the opening tune of "The Best Of Me", Dog N' Style are delivering the best of them; an ass-kicking heavy rock dynamite that must be played on maximum volume!!! Next, "I Did Something Bad" the band puts more groove in this really cool fast-paced rocker. The modern, ala Nickelback,

"One Day" is one of my favorite tunes here while in "Night Loser" we have another killer song out of this debut. "Never Trust An Asshole" and "Pub's Calling" are both heavy and in-your-face with tons of attitude!!!

Catchy, loud, powerful and in-your-face; that's Dog N' Style's music!!!Check it out!!! 

Rating : 8,5/10

Track Listing :

1/ The Best of Me
2/ Pretty Fly
3/ I did Something Bad
4/ One day
5/ Bad Motorcycle
6/ Night Losers
7/ Running Out
8/ Never trust an Asshole
9/ Pub's Calling
10/ Couple of beers

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