Sunday, August 28, 2016

REVIEW : CORNERSTONE / Reflections (2016)

Back in 2011, I reviewed a very good album from a very promising band; "Somewhere In America" was entitled Cornerstone's second effort and it was about a solid record full of nice melodies, brilliant performances and very good guitar lines. As I said back then in my review : "this is one of this year's pleasant surprises! It's a rock album full of great tracks!".

Two years later, the band released an EP, which contained 4 tracks and nowadays Cornerstone is back  with its brand new "Reflections". The new 'baby' is been produced in Canada by Harry Hess (Harem Scarem, First Signal) and its here to show the band's great abilities.

"Last Night" is the first highlight out of "Reflections". A superb power-pop/rock anthem that includes a huge harmony, superb vocal lines by Alina Peter and a some really cool and short riffs as the cherry on top!!! The 'edgy' "Heart On Fire" is yet another powerful and very 80's AOR-ish tune while in "Whatever" comes the first ballad. This piano-driven tune includes a moodier feeling and a melancholic vibe but it's one of my favorites from "Reflections". "Northern Lights" and "Brother" includes more groove and some jazz-rock elements and both are givin' the extra flavor to the final result. "Believe In Me" and the band delivering another up-tempo rocker and, of course, another highlight.

I'm really glad that Cornerstone is back in business again!! I was expecting this new one and after the first spin all my expectations were fulfilled in a very positive way!! It's a damn fine rock album that keeps you awake from start to finish. Welcome back Cornerstone!!!! 

Rating : 8,8/10

Track Listing :
01. Nothing To Lose
02. Last Night
03. Heart On Fire
04. Whatever
05. True Confessions
06. Northern Light
07. Brother
08. Sooner Or Later
09. Believe In Me
10. Once

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