Wednesday, August 24, 2016

REVIEW : Serious Black / Mirrorworld (2016)

Serious Black with its debut record, which was released last year, "As Daylight Breaks" left me hungry for more. It was, and still is, a damn fine slice of pure Euro Melodic Power Metal stuff that included a bunch of some killer tunes in it, bad-ass guitar lines, plenty of melodies and powerful performances. What else could an ordinary melodic metal fan ask for?

The answer is simple like that; a new Serious Black album! Yes, the band that impressed both press and fans is back with a brand new opus with the title "Mirrorworld". The new cd takes things from where "As Daylight Breaks" left us; the 'big' and melodic riffs and solos are here, the powerful performances by Urban Breed 'smells' 80's metal from miles away and generally the final result is pure metal candy in my ear!!

After the instrumental "Breaking The Surface", it comes the first highlight of the new record!! "As Long As I'm Alive" grabs you with its heaviness, its huge guitars and, of course, Urban's ass-kickin' vocal lines!!! The neo-classical "Castor Skies" takes command to continue with another killer track; "Heartbroken Soul" is a simply great and more straight forward Melodic Metal hymn that leaves you breathless with its fantastic harmonies and the more down-to-earth vocal lines. The chorus line is pure heaven!!!

"Dying Hearts" is movin' to some more Hard Rockin' paths with a moodier feeling but with an explosive chorus line that sticks to your mind for days!! At this point, I have to say that the guitar duo of Bob Katsionis (Firewind) and Dominik Sebastian (Edenbridge) added some incredible and tasteful melodic solos that made the final result more attractive!! "You're Not Alone" and "Mirrorworld" are both good tunes while in "My Despair" the highlights continues!! The new album closes with another metal dynamite; "The Unborn Never Die"!! A song that features some great harmonies and the variety of the rhythm here gives the extra flavor.

One of the best Melodic Power Metal albums of 2016!!! These guys nailed it with "Mirrorworld" and achieved to release a monster of an album that each and every single fan of this scene must check it out.  

Rating : 9/10

Track Listing :
01. Breaking The Surface
02. As Long As I’m Alive
03. Castor Skies
04. Heartbroken Soul
05. Dying Hearts
06. You’re Not Alone
07. Mirrorworld
08. State Of My Despair
09. The Unborn Never Die

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