Monday, June 13, 2016

REVIEW : STONE KINGS / From Creation To Devastation (2016)

Stone Kings is a band that since its creation has participated in many live gigs and shared stages with big names such as The Damned (The Bulldog Bash), UFO and Black Label Society to name a few.

The band's latest release, a 6 track EP, "Reset", received a positive feedback from both fans and press and nowadays Stone Kings is ready to unleash its brand new full-length record which is entitled "From Creation To Devastation".

After the solid instrumental "Creation" comes the real thing; "Far Out" is the opener tune. A 'punchy' rocker that includes a nice riffing, powerful vocals and a raw sound that reminded me a bit of the early 90's Seattle scene. "Headshot" and "Outcast" are both some killer guitar driven powerful hard rock songs with a big groove in it and attitude. The acoustic "Time Out" is a true highlight!! Slower and 'darker' with a haunting melody this track grabbed me at once. "Lovelace" grooves hard while the Alice In Chains-esque "In My Place" is one of my personal favorites here.

To be honest here, Stone Kings is a band that rocks hard, there is no doubt 'bout that! The late 80's hard rock elements along with some alternative pinches are givin' to the final result a 'strange' and beautiful approach and at the end achieve to make this record a pleasant ride all the way. This UK act has plenty of talent and its music is tight and solid. I like the guitar parts a lot and the big groove in each song is givin' the extra flavor to the final result. Do a favor to yourself and check out this band!

Rating : 8/10

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