Friday, June 17, 2016

REVIEW : Kissin' Dynamite / Generation Goodbye (2016)

Album number five for these youngsters for Baden-Württemberg. After national and international success with STEEL OF SWABIA (2008), ADDICTED TO METAL (2010), MONEY, SEX &POWER  (2012) and recently MEGALOMANIA  (2014), Kissin' Dynamite is back with the brand new "Generation Goodbye" to show that this band is alive and kickin'!!

"The new record symbolically represents a feeling of longing, breakup and a new start, which frequently is topic in the 11 new songs“, Ande Braun, guitarist of the band, expresses. „And yet it's actually no concept album“, adds his brother Hannes, singer & songwriter of the quintet.

After the band's breakup with it's management, in 2014, the time has come for these Germans to organized themselves and set up new goals to achieve. Kissin' Dynamite wanted to take full control of the band's things and so they put Hannes Braun as producer on the mixing desk. „We had this vision of keeping full control this time in terms of the sound we exactly wanted. Thereby, we had the freedom to deliver the truest, most authentic and most genuine album for us, totally without any pressure or compulsion from outside”. The writing lyrics here involve today's politic and economic changes, the 'real' life and of course music!!

The new album kicks-off with the anthemic and up-tempo rocker of "Generation Goodbye". A great rocker with a killer chorus line and some gang-bang vocals that recalls to the late 80's hard rock scene. In "Hashtag Your Life", the first video-single, the band delivers a really cool hard rock gem with again a catchy as hell chorus line, powerful and in-your-face vocals and attitude!  This track is a picture of today's life-social media (Facebook, tweeter, Instagram e.t.c.).  "If Clocks Were Running Backwards" is one of the album's highlights; a 'darker' and kinda of melancholic rock song with a huge guitar work that speaks through your heart at once. In my humble opinion, this is one of the best tracks that this band has ever recorded. "Somebody To Hate" rocks good while in "Highlight Zone" Kissin' Dynamite proves that it is a band that can deliver a superb fast-paced hard rock anthem with big balls!!!!!!! "Flying Colors" is a classic Kissin' Dynamite tune and "Under Friendly Fire" is yet another monstrous melodic metal gem out of the new record.

No fillers just pure and ass-kickin' hard rock/metal stuff with attitude and the signature of a great band as Kissin' Dynamite is!!! For sure, this is the band's best album to date, buy or die!!!!

Rating : 9/10

Track Listing :
 01. Generation Goodbye
02. Hashtag Your Life
03. If Clocks Were Running Backwards
04. Somebody To Hate
05. She Came She Saw
06. Highlight Zone
07. Masterpiece
08. Flying Colours
09. Under Friendly Fire
10. Larger Than Life
11. Utopia

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