Friday, June 10, 2016

REVIEW : Dare / Sacred Ground (2016)

One of the most beloved and respected melodic rock/AOR bands DARE, returns with its brand new record which is entitled "Sacred Ground". Fronted by the legendary Darren Wharton, Dare was always a band that offered quality melodic rock albums and achieved to build a strong reputation around its name. "Out Of The Silence", the debut, was and still is a fan favorite record and a classic AOR gem.

The Celtic elements along with the AOR music create a unique style that make DARE so special. "Sacred Ground", is an album that stays true to the band roots and is yet another classic effort from Darren Wharton and his boys.

"Home", the opener, is a classic Dare tune! Wharton's smooth and warm voice along with a tasty guitar riff compose this simply beautiful track. "I'll Hear You Pray" is an awesome and edgy melodic rock gem with a killer hook and chorus line to die for. This song could easily appeard in Dare's debut!! In "Every Time We Say Goodbye", the band delivers an emotional ballad that features a sweet and tender melody, Wharton's superb and deep performances and great arrangements. "Days Of Summer" is another classic Dare tune that will please the die-hards while in "On My Own" we have a fast-paced rocker with a summer feeling in it!!! "You Carried Me" and "Like The First Time" are two more great samples of Dare's music; simple, with beautiful melodies and straight to your heart!!!

With DARE you know what to expect; music that speaks through your heart! "Sacred Ground" is yet another killer record that stands equally besides the band's classic debut!!

Rating : 9/10

  1. Home
  2. I’ll Hear You Pray
  3. Strength
  4. Every Time We Say Goodbye
  5. Days Of Summer
  6. On My Own
  7. Until
  8. All Our Brass Was Gold
  9. You Carried Me
  10. Like The First Time
  11. Along The Heather

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