Monday, May 2, 2016

REVIEW : THE SILENT RAGE / The Deadliest Scourge (2016)

The Silent Rage is a melodic metal band that was originally formed by Nikos Siglidis back in 2006. The band's debut EP record, "The Silent Rage", was released in 2009 and gained a positive feedback by fans and press. Two years later it was the time for another EP album with the title "Harvester Of Souls".

The same year The Silent Rage shared the stage with Rage and Grave Digger on their common headline tour in Athens. "Harvester Of Souls" received, once again, very good reviews. In August 2014, the band started the recordings of its next step and the result is this really solid new effort which is entitled "The Deadliest Scourge".

After a short intro comes the first sample of The Silent Rage's new work; "My Race Wont Last" which kicks-off here is a fast-paced melodic metal cut that includes some killer riffs, clean and in-your-face vocals and very good arrangements!!! Next, "The Deadliest Scourge" is a more hard hitting. with a double ass-kickin' drums and a more aggressive sound!

The riffing attack continues with "Between Harmony And Sorrow" and "Sin Of A Pilgrim" to come to "Proselytize The Masses" which is probably the heaviest track here. This tune reminded me a bit of the late 80's Thrash metal scene. "The Right To Dream" is movin' to some classic Heavy Metal paths and features some brutal vocal lines while in "A Piece Of Eden" the melodies take command and along with the heavy riffing and the excellent performances make this track the absolute highlight!!!!  

The Greek Heavy Metal scene is alive and kickin' and with albums like this one we should except more in the near future!

Rating : 8,2/10

Track Listing :
01. Signal Of War
02. My Race Won’t Last
03. The Deadliest Scourge
04. Stormwarrior
05. Between Harmony & Sorrow
06. Sin Of A Pilgrim
07. Leading The Legions
08. Proselytize The Masses
09. The Right To Dream
10. Thoughts Collapse
11. A Piece Of Eden
12. Shadow Spirit
13. Inner Scars (*Digi Bonus Track )

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