Thursday, May 19, 2016

REVIEW : DAN REED NETWORK / Fight Another Day (2016)

One of the most anticipated releases for 2016 is without any doubt the new Dan Reed Network album with the title "Fight Another Day". This extremely talented band that came out in the second part of the 80's made a huge impact in the melodic rock scene with its different style. And when I'm saying 'different' I mean that Dan Reed Network achieved to enrich its sound with many styles including hard rock, AOR, soul and funk and at the end create a unique style.

The Dan Reed Network was a very underrated band that unfortunately didn't make it to become big. I really don't know what went wrong back then but this band deserved a bigger audience, a more successful career. The band's latest album, "The Heat", released in 1991, was a major hit in the UK. Dan Reed says: "It's been 25 years since our last studio album 'The Heat' was released, and to be honest, I never envisioned making another DRN album despite countless people throughout the world encouraging us to do so ".

So here we are now with the brand new Dan Reed Network effort and after the first spin I have to say that this is a great record all the way. It's a 100% DRN album and includes all the elements of their previous recordings plus a more updated and fresh approach and at the end it leaves you satisfied. "Divided", the opener, is the first highlight! 80's melodic rock at its best with a chorus line to sing-a-long for days! "The Brave" has this 80's pop-rock vibe in it that grabs you at once and makes you push the repeat button again and again. The funkier, soul elements make their appearance in "Infected"and "Give It Love" while in "B There With You" we are dealing with a great and very melodic pop ballad. The groovier "Save The World" is yet another very interesting moment here and the darker "Heaven" steals the show with its moody feeling.

Dan Reed Network with "Fight Another Day" is back in business for good! This is a very emotional, down to earth rock record that will be appreciated by each fan of the rock scene in general. For sure this is  not your ordinary melodic rock album; it's an effort that includes well-written and soul-full songs with the right chemistry that balances perfectly between pop-rock, melodic rock and funk. Well done.

Rating : 9/10

Track Listing :  
01. Divided
02. The Brave
03. Infected
04. Champion
05. Ignition
06. Give It Love
07. B There With U
08. Save The World
09. Eye Of The Storm
10. Reunite
11. Heaven
12. Sharp Turn
13. Stand Tall

* Dan Reed - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitars, Piano, Synth Programming, Moog Bass
* Brion James - Vocals, Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Synth Guitars, Synth Programming, Drum Programming
* Dan Pred - Drums, Percussion, Videographer
* Melvin Brannon II - Vocals, Bass, Acoustic Bass, Electric Contra Bass, Synth Bass
* Rob Daiker - Vocals, Keyboards, Synth Programming, Drum Programming

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