Friday, April 1, 2016

REVIEW " MIDNIGHT SIN - Never Say Never (EP, 2016)

Back in 2014, I reviewed Midnight Sin's "Sex First" album. That was a damn fine piece of pure late 80's Sleaze Hard Rock stuff with all the necessary attitude, catchy hooks and choruses and, of course, the sleaziness of that era.

Nowadays, the band releases a brand new EP with the title "Never Say Never" and I have to say that this EP is the perfect appetizer of what to expect from Midnight Sin in the future. The opening tune of "Blo%&b" recalls to the classic sleaze/hair metal scene of the 80's . It's fun, it has attitude and, of course, it includes the nasty, bad-attitude vocals for the extra flavor. "Never Say Never" is powerful, in-your-face and 'smells' early Motley Crue from miles away!!! "Satisfaction" is a cover tune of the well-known big hit and overall is a damn good one.

Although this EP is a short one, it rocks your shocks off!!! I'm looking forward to the band's next full-length album!!

Rating : 8/10

Track Listing :  Blo%&b, Never Say Never, Satisfaction

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