Monday, March 7, 2016

REVIEW : Human Fortress / Thieves Of The Night (2016)

The band's latest album, "Raided Land" (2013), was a solid Epic Melodic Metal stuff and a big welcome back to the band's original sound that put a wide smile upon the face of every fan of Human Fortress. Nowadays, Human Fortress is back with the brand new "Thieves In The Night".

In "Thieves In The Night", the band consists of Gus Monsanto (vocals), Todd Wolf (guitars), Volker Trost (guitars), Andre Hort (bass), Dirk Liehm (keyboards) and Apostolos Zaios (drums).

"For us, “Thieves Of The Night” holds the essence of what HUMAN FORTRESS is about", says guitarist Todd Wolf. "We went back further to our roots and wanted to make the new songs very catchy. Meanwhile, we also got to know the range of Gus very well and can write to make it for for him perfectly".

"Amberstow" kicks-off the album with a such an impressive way; it starts with a very beautiful melancholic melody and then comes the real thing!! A powerful, heavy and in-your-face metal beast that will grab you at once. For sure, this track is a great appetizer. For the main menu, we have the ultra catchy and very Pink Cream 69-ish "Rise Or Fall", the 80's Epic Power Metal hymn of "Thieves Of The Night", "Just A Graze", the powerful "Vicious Circle" (with the impressive drum work) and the fantastic, and very 'clever', power metal gem of "Gift Of Prophecy".

Human Fortress comes like thieves in the night and steals the show with this impressive and solid record that can't be missed by any fan of this scene. Well done!

Rating : 8/10

Track Listing :
01. Amberstow
02. Last Prayer To The Lord
03. Rise Or Fall
04. Thieves Of The Night
05. Thrice Blessed
06. Hellrider
07. Just A Graze
08. Vicious Circle
09. Smite On The Anvil
10. Dungeons Of Doom
11. Gift Of Prophecy
12. Alone

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