Thursday, January 28, 2016

Moth's Circle Flight: new album details unveiled

Metallers Moth's Circle Flight's second full-length album “My Entropy” is due to come out on March 1st via logic(il)logic Records. On February 6th at Titty Twister in Parma, Italy, a concert will be held to introduce the new songs; the Facebook event with all the details is at the following link: The track listing for the CD is as follows:
1. Man On The Peak
2. Ends Of A Shadow
3. Raise Your Head
4. Late Promises
5. An Old Chant
6. Write My Name
7. With Love, With Flames
8. Bursting Into Existence
9. Madball
10. Ray Of Ira

On their 10th anniversary, Moth's Circle Flight are ready to launch "My Entropy". As always, the songwriting process was not driven by any planned decisions, but instead is the result of instinct and pleasure. The sound is always hovering between wildness and melody, with the two guitars alternating heavy riffs and high soaring solo lines. On “Late Promises” for example, the contrast between the two lead vocalists' timbres creates a verbal crossfire between anger and harmony. 

Bass and drums are closely linked in a steady rhythmic base without baroque outbursts. It's extremely difficult to describe Moth's Circle Flight music, because it lacks a precise will: the result is the expression of their idea of metal, in a few words "power, jumping, headbanging". In their lyrics they wish to reiterate the leit motiv that has accompanied them in recent years: the constant search for light in the shadows, the frenzied gathering around a flame that we'll never own, but that keeps us alive and eternal. Meanwhile bassist Marco "Satir" Reggiani has signed a collaboration agreement with Jacoland ( "After taking a course of luthiery, my project to build a metal bass was taken as a challenge by Fausto Fiorini of Jacoland" - says Reggiani - "thus the S5 was born, totally handmade and with components 100% from Italy. 

The instrument will be presented in the next concerts of Moth's Circle Flight ".

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