Tuesday, November 24, 2015

REVIEW : Eternal (Of Sweden) / Heaven's Gate (2016)

Swedish melodic hard rock/metal band ETERNAL is back with its brand new record which is entitled "Heaven's Gate". The band's latest effort, "Chapter I" (2012) was a damn fine piece of Swedish melodic metal stuff that included a bunch of some killer tunes in it. And as I said in my review back then " I can tell you that these guys have so much talent and I'm sure that the future looks bright for Eternal".

 The new album kicks-off with the heavy and powerful "Ruins"!! A classic power metal anthem that will satisfy every true believer of this scene! "Heaven's Gate" is movin' to the same power metal paths, as in the opener, while in "Surrounded By Shadows" the band delivers a fast-paced metal anthem with an ultra-catchy chorus line and some excellent guitar parts. "Angel" is one of the absolute highlights from the new album. Emotional and, at the same time, aggressive, this track features a haunting melody and superb performances. At this point, I have to say that ETERNAL's lead singer Christer Gärds vocals are out of this world! This guy has a such a strong, powerful and sweet voice (in some parts reminds me of Mats Leven) that takes the final result to a higher level. "Freedom Now" is another highlight with a monstrous chorus and the Malmsteen-esque "Evil Dance" steels the show!! Pure and classic melodic metal stuff at its high order!!

Closing,the last thing that I have to say here is that ETERNAL (Of Sweden) with "Heaven's Gate" achieve to deliver a great melodic metal album and it's time for them to be known by a wider audience . Well done!

Rating : 8,5 / 10

Track Listing : Ruins, Heaven's Gate, Surrounded By Shadows, Angel, The Purity Inside, Praying For A New Tomorrow, Freedom Now, Eternal Fire, Evil Dance, Burning With Pride

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