Sunday, November 1, 2015

REVIEW : Ailafar / No Limits (2015)

Ailafar is not a newbie in the Greek melodic rock scene. It was around 2006 when John Tzortzis formed the band and after a few line-up changes, live performances it was time, May 2009, for the first demo. In September of the same year, the band started recordings of the first full-length release that saw the light of day in 2011.

Nowadays and with a new record deal, AOR Boulevard Records, Ailafar is ready for the next big step. "No Limits" is entitled the brand new effort which includes 13 songs and guest vocal appearences from Stephan Kammerer (Frontline, Stereotide) , Paul Jackson (Roadhouse - Pete Willis band) and David Saylor (Push UK). It also includes vocals by Tatiana Economou, Alexandra Mcay, Olga Katsenidou, Elisabeth Mari. The album is written/arranged and produced by J.T. and mastered by Mitch Malloy.

So, what we find here in "No Limits" is 13 extremely melodic, passionate and heartful tracks that recalls to the late 80's particular scene and includes beautiful melodies, strong arrangements and a memorable hooks and choruses that makes your day whenever you spin this album. For example, "Live 4 Υou Live 4 Μe", "Two Roses", "Greatest Treasure" and "Flood Of love" are all superb and up-tempo AOR anthems that will put a wide smile upon the face of every rock fan!!!

At this point, I have to admit that one of the most impressive things in this debut are the amazing female vocals!!! Yes, all the female singers are doin' a hell of a job regarding the performances that reminds of singers of the glory 80's scene such as Robin Beck and Heart. Plus to the above mentioned comments the extraordinary vocals of the Stephan Kammerer,  David Saylor and Paul Jackson and there you have a great record all the way that overflowing of quality and a bunch of some excellent tunes.

Of course, there is no filler in sight here, if you ask me. Except of these great AOR anthems, there are some others that combine perfectly to the melodic rock sound with some bluesier or even pop-ish elements that makes the final result very pleasant and attractive.

This is a kinda of record that is a must have for every rock fan out there. In my humble opinion, there are no labels when it comes to good music. Good music is good music, period!

Rating : 8,4/10

Track Listing :
1. Live 4 Me Live 4 You, 2. Flood Of Love, 3. Further The Road Signs, 4. Faith In Love, 5. Two Roses, 6. Tell Me Why, 7. A Way To Your Heart, 8. Out Of The Blue, 9. Doors We Walk Alone, 10. Greatest Treasure 11. Ifigenia, 12. More Than One, 13. Heartlands Ground

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