Sunday, November 22, 2015

REVIEW : After Apocalypse / “After Apocalypse” (2015)

After Apocalypse was 'born' on July 2014 by the opera singer Elena, rhythmic guitarist Seba and clarinetist Varghar. By the end of the same year, the line-up was completed by drummer Al, lead guitarist Zendra and Megres on bass. The band wanted to create a solid symphonic metal sound with a fresh approach, mixing elements from the entire range of metal (gothic, doom, death, folk, black), following each member's musical tastes.

The result of all the hard work of each member is this debut record that is entitled "After Apocalypse".

The debut record starts with the impressive "After Apocalypse". This is a 'dark', almost melancholic song, very orchestral, with Elena's high pitched vocals to steal the show. The brutal voices in the middle gives an extra, more horror, flavor that makes the final result extremely interesting. Next, "World Of Marzipan" is a more down to earth track that includes a very nice melody and solid arrangements while in "Crying Moon" we have the absolute highlight out of the debut! This instrumental, with some vocal 'pinches' by Elena, tune is one of the best that I've heard since ages!! A complex track that achieves to mix perfectly every rock/metal element and, at the end, leaves a sweet 'taste' in your ears.

A very interesting album all the way. The band shows that it has plenty of talent, no doubt 'bout that. They have the right ideas, a very good singer and some excellent guitar parts. The arrangements are all solid and I'm positive that the fans of Symphonic Metal will appreciate this debut a lot . 

Rating : 7/10

Track Listing :
01. After Apocalypse
02. World Of Marzipan
03. Dark Side
04. Glorious Way
05. Insight
06. Crying Moon
07. One Day
08. White Page
09. Mechanical Mask
10. Sentence


Elena: Vocals
Seba: Guitar
Zendra: Guitar
Megres: Bass
Varghar: Clarinet, growl vocals
Al: Drums 

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