Sunday, September 27, 2015

REVIEW : JOHN TAGLIERI / True Believer (EP, 2015)

Singer/songwriter John Taglieri is unleashing his brand new EP which is entitled "True Believer". Taglieri states about his new work : “I’ve always been the kind of writer who writes anything that comes to me and I love to explore new places," tells Taglieri. "I never wanted to be known as a one trick pony… so to speak. I went where my musical journey wanted to take me and that had some varied styles in it. Along the way the hard rock element was always there, but this Ep brings it all the way back with a vengeance!!"

The opening tune of "Don't Ask Me Why" is the first highlight out of Taglieri's new work. It's heavy, modern and includes a catchy as hell chorus line. Imagine a modern Bon Jovi sound and you'll get the picture! "True Believer" is movin' to some more classic 80's melodic rock paths while in "Way Out" we have another killer tune! A mid-tempo rocker that includes a huge hook and a catchy chorus that grabs you at once and makes you wanna push the repeat button again and again! "Take This Ride" and "Above The Sunrise" are both very good rockers that featuring solid arrangements, nice guitar parts, melodies and strong performances. Finally, the track that closes this interesting EP, "Mad, Mad World" is a good modern rock song that lacks of inspiration; in my humble opinion, the weakest moment here.

"True Believer" is an extremely and very enjoyable album that shows the talent of John Taglieri. It includes some really excellent tunes in it, good performances, 'clever' hooks and choruses and if you haven't check it out yet do a favor to yourself and listen to it! Highly recommended!!

Rating : 8/10

Track Listing :
01.Don't Ask Why
02. True Believer
03. Way Out
04. Take the Ride
05. Above the Sunrise
06. Mad, Mad World

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