Tuesday, August 4, 2015

REVIEW : KING SAVAGE / Full Speed Ahead (2015)

For the fans of L.A. Guns, G'n'R, Hardcore Superstars, Crashdiet and for the fans of the ass-kickin' heavy rock sound with attitude, King Savage is your choice!! No doubt 'bout that!! This new band that consists of Arthur KING (vocals/ rhythm guitar), Luke le Duke (lead guitar/ vocals), Johnny Savage (bass/ backing vocals) and Fast Fred (drums), brings back the late 80's L.A. hard rock sound with a fresh approach that makes the final result extremely interesting!

It takes no more than five seconds to realize that King Savage has a tight and ballsy sound and their sound is heavenly influenced by the late 80's, early 90's Sunset Strip scene! "Gimme 5" grabs you immediately with its 'punchy' sound and leaves you hungry for more. Pedal to the metal with "Bastard", probably one of the best tracks here, that' like a fist in your face! It's a fast-paced 'sleazy' rocker that takes no prisoners! "Booze Of Sin" and "Wild Life Fever" are both good rockers with attitude while in "Groove" you'll find some really 'nasty' bluesy guitar lines that recalls on Little Caesar's music.

Bottom line is that King Savage is one of this year's pleasant surprises so far!! Bad-ass Rock 'n' Roll with attitude that will please each and every single fan of the hard rock scene in general!

Rating : 8,4/10

Track Listing :
KING SAVAGE – “Full Speed Ahead” – LTD ED w/ Bonus
01.Gimme 5
02.Full Speed Ahead
04.Wild Life Fever
05.Booze of sin
09.Got it?!
10.Down the Drain
11.The Wolf - Bonus track

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