Sunday, May 10, 2015

REVIEW : THUNDER RISING / Sole Freedom (2015)

The Thunder Rising project was riginated in 2012 thanks to an idea by Frank Caruso and Corrado Ciceri. The two longtime friends  met up again by chance after having followed separate career paths for 20 years. Frank Caruso was, also, in the band Arachnes (he released eight albums with them) and founder of Strings24 (two albums). Corrado Ciceri was a member of Wine Spirit.

Frank began composing new songs and contacted Mark Boals. Frank asked Mark, if he wanted to joing his new musical project, Thunder Rising. Mark Boals, of course, said yes and he appeared as a very special guest on the track “The Best Things Are Free”.

The new mini-album, 'Sole Freedom', features Alessio Spini on vocals and, as I mentioned above, Mark Boals as a very special guest on one tune.

The sound here can be described as U.S heavy rock with powerful vocals, heavy but still melodic guitars, lots of groove and solid arrangements. Imagine something between Dokken and Lynch Mob and you'll get the picture. Although the album includes only five tracks, it is quite hearty and at the end leaves you hungry for more. The strongest point here, in my humble opinion, is the 'crunchy' guitar sound that includes some really inspired riffs and solos.

All in all, this is a very interesting project that will satisfy the fans of, both, old and new U.S. Heavy Rock sound. Check it out!
Rating : 8/10

Track Listing : 1. The Best Things Are Free, 2. Let Me Breath, 3. Blind Without You, 4. Break The Cage, 5. Lightning, Thunder and Rainbow

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