Saturday, May 16, 2015

REVIEW : OSUKARU / Transition (2015)

The band with the strange name, OSUKARU, is back with album number three (the second with the record label of City Of Lights). "Transition" is entitled the brand new opus by this melodic rock act and with this new one the band is aiming for some bigger things.

The album features special guests such as Janne Stark (GRAND DESIGN), Jules Millis (TIGERTAILZ) & Erik Heikne (MISS BEHAVIOUR). Osukaru consists of Oz Osukaru (EYE, ex KATANA) on guitars, keyboards, backing vocals, Fredrik Werner (ex MR. ARTIST) on lead & backing vocals, guitars, Frederik Svensson on bass guitar, Jens Björk (ex MR.ARTIST) on saxophone, Cecilia Camuii (PANORAMA) on lead & backing vocals, Ryan Coyle on drums and Vidar Mårtensson on drums.

The opening tune of "Arrows" is pure melodic rock delight! AOR with attitude, plenty of melodies, soaring vocals and a chorus line to sing-a-long for days! "Edge Of A Broken Heart" is another great sample of OSUKARU's music. More straight-forward with a brilliant harmony and a chorus line that reveals the classic melodic rock sound of the 80's! "Blinded Eyes" is a really interesting power ballad with a strong 'progressive' touch while in "Tell Me You'll Stay" we have another highlight! This is THE AOR anthem of the new record! I have to add that Fredrik Werner sings his heart out on this superb song! Check out, also, the sweet "Out Of Touch" (from the debut EP) and the powerful "Promised Land".

OSUKARU with "Transition" achieve to release their best album to date, period! The band puts more muscle, more heart and soul, a fresh and updated approach and along with a solid production the result is this really interesting record.
Rating : 8/10

Track Listing :
  1. Arrows
  2. Strangled Emotions
  3. Edge Of A Broken Heart
  4. Play
  5. Blinded Eyes
  6. FM Rocks 98.5 [Redux]
  7. Tell Me You’ll Stay – 2014
  8. Out Of Touch – 2014
  9. Mafia Rules – 2014
  10. Promised Land – 2014
  11. City Lights – acoustic (Bonus Track)

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