Saturday, May 23, 2015

REVIEW : degreed / Dead But Not Forgotten (2015)

Swedish melodic heavy rockers Degreed are back with a new album which is entitled "Dead But Not Forgotten". After the really solid record "We Don't Belong", in 2013, the band started recording this new opus and as Robin Ericsson (bass/vocals) says : "We've been writing songs for this album on and off since the release of "We Don't Belong" in 2013. I think we had 16-17 songs that we chose from, and recorded 14. The funny thing is that we ended up putting all 14 songs on the album because they're all so freakin' good!"

Since the band's creation, Degreed released two albums, Life, Love, Loss in 2010 and We Don’t Belong in 2013 - both critically acclaimed worldwide by media. Nowadays, this Swedish act is back with its best album to date and it's ready to conquer the melodic rock world with "Dead But Not Forgotten".

The opening tune of "The Scam" put us immediately into the band's world and it's the perfect appetizer of what's to follow next! This superb and extremely catchy melodic rocker grabs you at once and leaves you hungry for more. Next, at "Face The Fact" the band is movin' to some more modern melodic hard rock paths while in "Shame On Me" we have another killer commercial rocker with a huge chorus line to sing-a-long for days. In "Kill Your Darlings" the band shows off its heavier side. Do you want more highlights? Then check out the up-tempo "Touch Of Paradise", "Start Again"and the ultra catchy with a feel-good vibe tune of "Better Safe Than Sorry" (a very Harem Scarem track) and you'll discover a great album all the way.

Impressive album and probably the band's best record to date, no doubt 'bout that! "Dead But Not Forgotten" is simply Modern Melodic Hard Rock at its best. It's melodic, it's powerful, it's extremely catchy and includes some killer tunes in it! Buy or die!
Rating : 9,2/10

Track Listing :
1.The Scam
2.Face The Fact
4.Shame On Me
5.Better Safe Than Sorry
6.Love Me Love Me Not
8.Kill Your Darlings
9.Touch Of Paradise
10.Forgive You
11.Start Again
13.The Final Ride
14.Turn Around Don't Back Down

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